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Jachung Travel

Jachung Travel arranges trips in Bhutan for people from all around the world and prides itself on handling pre-trip details and providing travel advice. It specializes in exclusive private tours, including cultural tours, Himalayan mountain treks, festival tours, biking tours, and scenic day-hike tours. Jachung Travel has many itineraries to choose from, or travelers can design their own trip to Bhutan and customize their itineraries as they desire. Letting people have a say in designing their journey to Bhutan is the key to a first-class trip.

Born and raised in Bhutan, Tshering currently resides in the Bay Area, California, with his wife and daughter. His interest in learning about different cultures and sharing the wonders of his country with others were his motivations for embarking on this career.

Pema Wangchuk is the ground operator for all of Jachung Travel's tours. Pema holds a university degree and has 15 years of experience in business operations. He has a passion for introducing tourists to the wonders of Bhutan and has been arranging, organizing, and leading tours for more than 10 years, with clients coming from all over the world. He has a deep understanding of and respect for his country and his culture, and he has learned how best to introduce Bhutan to his clients so they have a fun adventure while becoming enlightened about the country's traditions and lifestyle.

Pema has trekked and toured to all corners of Bhutan and has made many personal connections throughout the country, which allows him to offer tourists an inside look and special opportunities unmatched by other companies. He takes a personal approach to each tour and is happy to fulfill special requests, such as arranging a wedding ceremony or a birthday party. His goal is to create a memorable journey for his guests.

Our Office in Bhutan

Tashi Tobgay being a native of Bhutan, Tashi has firsthand knowledge of the Bhutanese culture, traditions, history, and geography, and he takes pride in sharing the details from an insider's perspective. He acquired a bachelor's degree in commerce in India, so he knows the ins and outs of running a high-quality business, and through years of leading tours and treks and interacting with clients, he has learned what it takes to create a well-rounded tour experience, with each itinerary geared toward the individual preferences of his guests. Tashi believes in giving a personal touch to each tour to make sure that all guests have a meaningful experience.