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The 5 Most Instagrammed Places in Bhutan


Must-Visits in Bhutan: Five Most Instagrammed Places in Here

Geographically being very close to countries like India, Bangladesh and Nepal, Bhutan is home for many a range of high mountains that add the ‘attraction’ factor to visit it. It has a prominence in the stream of Instagram. However, listing five of the many that are suggested are:


1.   Paro

Photo by Jean-Marie Hullot, CC BY-SA 2.0


It is a small and alluring town situated on the banks of the river Paro Chhu or simply known by the name Pa. It is on the North-West portion of the famous and imposing structure of Paro Dzong. It is a relatively newly developed town. The main street developed in 1985, has a touch of the olden times with wooden shop fronts painted in multiple colors and restaurants. Paro is considered to be one of the best Bhutanese town to wander all by foot and can be covered within an hour or so completely.


2.   Phuentsholing

Photo by Christopher J. Fynn, CC BY-SA 3.0


This is supposed to be the border between Bhutan and India. Weather wise, it is pretty hot and just opposite to it is the big Indian town of Jaigaon. In fact, the separation from this town is with the support of a very flimsy and temporary look-like fence and the famous Bhutan Gate. This place though does is a necessary stop for immigration clearance can prove to be a bit uncomfortable, though there are a couple of places especially the backstreet bazaars that could make one stay here for a couple of hours.


3.   Bumthang Dzongkhag

Photo by Orland, CC BY-SA 3.0


This is situated in the Central region of Bhutan and is known for the fact that it encompasses four known major valleys of the region, namely, Chokhor, Tang, Ura, and Chhume. Because the Dzongs that are the structures of very distinctive type or the palace of great happiness or bliss, and all the major temples are situated in the Chokhor Valley, this area is actually known as the Bhumthang valley collectively. The valleys are shaped in the form of a ‘bumpa’ or a vessel of holy water, and thang means a field or a plain surface. Hence, the name. Needless to say, this is a place to soak oneself in some spiritual bliss with these structures all around.


4.   Trashigang Dzongkhag

Punakha Dzong, Photo by Mandy, CC BY 2.0


This is pretty much in the heart of the Eastern Bhutan side that was once known to be a major trade center with Tibet. It has many ‘goenpa’ or monasteries and many small charming villages that make it one of the most recommended places to Visit in Bhutan. The only hitch one could feel is to reach in here, as being in the very deep of the country, the driving is almost endless, though definitely worth every kilometer of it!


5.   LungChuzekha Goenpa

Tango Monastery, Photo by Jmhullot, CC BY 3.0


This is one Goenpa or monastery that is worth the visit. Situated very close to the Bhutanese capital, Thimpu, the most irresistible attraction is the very vivid view of the Bhutanese Himalayas. All along the exploring, one would be forever sighting beautiful forests and even could reach the Trashigang goenpa, another monastery. Even the Talakha peak is very clearly seen from here.


Known for its serene and extravagant spread of nature’s presence, Bhutan is considered to be one of the ‘hot spots’ for tourists. So, Bhutan is already being unveiled through the Instagram. Fully and fulsome unveiling, well, it all depends on you!


Bhutan is one of the neighbors of India with the honor of being the Himalayan kingdom. Interestingly, it shares boundaries both with India and China. In fact, the Indian state of Sikkim separates it from Nepal, and also it touches a bit of its boundaries with Assam and West Bengal too. Digitally speaking, it is supposed to be one of the most ‘suggested of places’ by Instagram.


Author Bio:

Traveling is Rohit’s first love. His stories are a great read for the readers on Trans India Travels. Apart from traveling, Rohit also loves reading and browsing on the internet to find unexplored destinations.